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5 advice how to select running shoes?

5 advice how to select running shoes?
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Running is not only the cheapest of sports, but also the one that gives incredible satisfaction, odresowujący, improving the figure and condition. For running you do not need any professional equipment, except one – good, and that means well-chosen shoes. Running without it will cause you pain rather than joy. How to choose the right shoes then?

The right match to the type of foot

Nothing after the most expensive spike running shoes for supinators, if our foot has a tendency to pronation. Although it sounds strange, it is not a medical condition or disability. Some people still perceive it. Pronators are those who, when running, bend inwardly too much. Evidently you can state this state after your worn footwear, which standing freely apparently leaning in, this area of ​​the sole of the shoe is more worn out. For pronators, a shoe with a straight upper is recommended, which controls the movements of the foot – holding the heel and reducing the mobility of the foot through the hard sole. Supinators, on the other hand, are the opposite side of stopping. This group runs on the outer edges. They are characterized by low elasticity of the foot, and the soles of their shoes show the greatest signs of wear along the outer edges. The shoe, dedicated to the supinators, must support the arch of the foot and have a relatively elastic sole in the midfoot part, which will absorb shocks without transferring them to the entire kinematic chain responsible for running.

The right size

The best running shoes should be larger than our feet by 0.5cm to 1cm, i.e. up to 1 size. During the run, the foot “grows”, gently enlarges its size as a result of fatigue. In the case of well-fitting shoes, this can be a problem. Shoes that are well at the beginning of the training, do not necessarily have to be after it. Choosing the size at the contact may end up: abrasions, bruises, and in the worst cases, blacking nails. That’s why the council, especially for the ladies – we buy running shoes in the afternoon / evening – never in the morning when the foot is rested.

The purpose of the shoe

Running shoe is supposed to protect you against mechanical injuries, it is the most basic thing to do. In the case of running shoes, it is not so easy. Running shoes must provide an adequate level of depreciation and movement control of the foot. There are already shoes for sale, which provide both at the same time through a kind of compromise, because you have to know that the more you have absorption systems, the worse it copes with the foot movement control. Moreover, for OCR running you should consider waterproof shoes.


This is an important element of the shoe for every beginner. It is to some extent neutralizes the load growing as a result of the run. Run in the tramps, and then in well-cushioned shoes – a cosmic difference.


After putting on the shoe it has to give a feeling of comfort. Do not let the seller know, that over time the shoe will fit, break or something like that. If you do not feel well in it right after applying, ask for others.

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