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E-learning – the advantages and disadvantages of learning over the internet

E-learning – the advantages and disadvantages of learning over the internet
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E-learning is often referred to as distance learning, which is a computer that provides knowledge and examining to the party. The basic tools for learning is only a personal computer with access to the Internet. We often hear about e-learning. But what is e-learning really and should we use it? Here are some answers to questions about e-learning and other modern ways of teaching.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is a way of remote teaching using the Internet and a computer. All over the world, companies, stores, universities choose the implementation of e-learning to teach their employees and students. Trainers create their own courses on e-learning platforms, run webinars, expand knowledge and earn a good job. Like any teaching method, e-learning has its advantages and disadvantages. The first ones, however, are much more. It is difficult to oppose the statement that in the future e-learning will be a dynamically developing form of education.

Advantages and disadvantages of online learning

The advantages of e-learning, which include, among others, numerous online courses and online training, certainly include any work time and convenience of the Students and Pupils and their learning at their own pace, without having to adjust to the others taking part in the course. Much more effective than for stationary training, matching the needs of students and students, independent choice of the form of providing knowledge and its carriers. Included in this study in the form of documents, presentations, audio, video, etc. High minimization of factors such as fear or shyness characterizing rates in a stationary form. Big financial benefits, because e-training is usually cheaper than their stationary counterparts. Big benefits for instructors who have unlimited time contact with participants of their courses and trainings.

The disadvantages of e-learning, however, include the lack of personal contact with the Instructor, though more often the impression of isolation. It is much more difficult to develop teaching materials than stationary courses.

Importance of e learning

It is estimated that, from year to year, e-learning and e-training as a form of teaching gain 25% more users. No wonder, this form of distance education allows you to freely shape the schedule and frequency of learning by the Participant. The results of research on the effectiveness of online education are not straightforward. The advantages of e learning are very important, but it has also disadvantages. However, it is the same with ordinary teaching. The most important thing is that thanks to e-learning, trainees have the opportunity to effectively, comfortably and cheaply learn.

Currently, e-learning is applicable not only in schools and universities, because more often this method of teaching is used in business, in companies and corporations. Distance learning gives us the opportunity to complete various types of courses or trainings without having to be physically present in the lecture hall, it is a unique convenience, especially nowadays, when increasing your professional qualifications is very important.

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