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Gaming laptop. Which to choose?

Gaming laptop. Which to choose?
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A cheap gaming laptop? What’s the best? The perfect laptop for the player, or what? What laptop should I buy? There are so many offers in stores that a player can get dizzy before choosing something suitable for themselves. This is mainly due to hardware diversity. The processor, graphic card, RAM memory and hard drive have an effect on the device’s performance. Added to this is the display, connector sets, as well as the quality of the keyboard and touchpad.

Graphics Card

As in the case of desktops the GPU unit plays absolutely the most important role. It depends on it whether the games  will run smoothly. Of course, it should be remembered that a lot depends on the hardware requirements of a particular production, as well as on what graphic details you want to run it. All this makes the attention to be paid to the parameters of the card. The most important thing will be memory, both its type and quantity. Currently, new GPUs use GDDR5 type memory. The value of 4 GB in many productions will prove sufficient, although of course the more memory the better. The frequency of clocking and the core is also significant.

Laptop processor

Even the best GPU unit will not be able to show its full potential if a weak processor is installed in the good gaming laptops. In this situation, there is a phenomenon of a “bottleneck”, which consists in the fact that a low-performance CPU chip limits the capabilities of the graphics card. All this means that we should decide on models at least decent. In the case of gaming laptops, the processor should have at least four physical cores, although the maximum freedom will be guaranteed by six and octa-core systems. Attention should also be given to the clocking frequency, which is given for the basic and turbo modes, activated in case of increased demand for computing power. Values at 3500-4000 MHz can be considered as decent. A good choice will be Intel processors marked with HQ or K, however the best way is to compare laptops.

RAM memory

Given the hardware requirements of new games, there will never be too much. Currently, 8 GB of RAM should be enough to meet the minimum requirements of the majority of production, however, handling them on medium and high details most often requires the installation of 12 or 16 GB dice. Attention should also be paid to the type of memory. Currently the best choice will be DDR4 models, preferably with high clock speed.

Hard drive

It is being downplayed by many players, but in reality it is very important. When deciding to buy a gaming laptop, we need to consider whether we care primarily for the storage of large files or real acceleration of the system and games. In the first case, it is worth to bet on cheaper HDD disks, while in the latter case SSD drives, which are much faster, but also much more expensive. There is also an intermediate solution, which involves the purchase of a laptop with two disks, HDD with a capacity of eg 1 TB and SSD 128 or 256 GB. The first disk will be used for storing files, and the second will install the operating system, which will significantly speed up its operation.

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