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How quickly to learn to swim? Advice learn to swim

How quickly to learn to swim? Advice learn to swim
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How to learn to swim? Is it possible to master the basic technique yourself? You can always use the help of an instructor  but if you want to acquire this ability yourself, try small steps until you finally learn and coordinate the breathing with the movements of arms and legs. Here are some tips to help you learn how to swim.

Learning to swim as an adult – how to start?

Learn to swim only at the pool, under the watchful eye of a lifeguard. If you decide to master this art yourself, do not do it in the sea or lake under any circumstances! Uneven bottom and currents pose serious danger, so keep common sense. If you have a problem with staying afloat, do not hesitate to use the accessories available for pool users. At the beginning you can choose to swim with a board or foam “pasta” that allow you to stay on the water. Tame yourself with water gradually. Regularly visit the pool and do simple exercises. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it will be to learn how to swim with different swimming techniques.

How to learn to swim as soon as possible?

Remember that everyone masters a new sport at their own pace. Do not rush, the effects of learning will eventually appear especially with below swimming tip. At the beginning you can try some of the following exercises, helpful in learning to swim crawl.

In the first exercise stand at the pool wall, facing the water. Take a breath, bend over the waist, and immerse your face in water. Hold for two seconds, slowly turn your head one way and exhale in the water. Return to the upright position.

Learn the hand movements. In the upright position, spread your arms sideways. Take a breath and bend as in the previous exercise, so that the face is under water. Make the right hand movement so that it is first at the water and then in front of you and submerged again in the water, then with a circular movement, move her backwards. Turning your head to the right, take a breath. Then turn your face back towards the water and exhale.

More complex exercises

Now it is necessary to master the movement of the legs. It consists in making alternate parts under water, resembling vertical shears. To practice this movement, place yourself in front of the pool, grab the edge and put on the water. Then add a breathing exercise to the movements of the legs, so turning your face to the right, inhale, then exhale under water.

Then, stand with your back to the pool wall, facing the other edge within the non-flowing parts. Bend your legs in your knees. Straighten your left hand in front of you. Take a breath and push your legs away. When your face is under water, start moving your legs dynamically, coordinated with the circular movement of your right hand.

Learning to swim from scratch takes some time. Like any other sport, it requires practice. If you are not mastering the technique yourself, go for private swimming lessons  or just join swim academy. Maybe even a few classes with an instructor is enough to coordinate the breath with body movements.

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