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How to choose trekking bike?

How to choose trekking bike?
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Trekking bicycles have been very popular recently. However, many people still do not know exactly what model to choose. So what trekking bike should you choose?

The best trekking bikes

Trekking bikes are a compromise between the comfort of a classic city bike, the speed of a road bike and the terrain of the mountain bike. They have tires with terrain tread, but narrower and smoother than those used in mountain bikes, cushioned front fork with a slightly smaller pitch than a mountain bike, with equipped with 28-inch wheels on the model of road bikes, it is possible to adjust the position behind the steering wheel often until reaching a comfortable, upright figure known from city bikes.

Such trekking bikes are great for long trips, they are usually equipped with a luggage rack and are therefore suitable for the installation of panniers, that is luggage bags attached to the trunk and allow you to adjust the silhouette of the cyclist to individual needs. The priority here is the significant payload and high comfort, allowing you to overcome considerable distances.

Popular mountain bike frame

Cross bikes are trekking bikes without fenders, luggage racks and other additional equipment. They are less universal, but also much lighter, thanks to this they are better for recreational riding on a sporting edge. As with other bicycles, the frame is made of a frame and it is not worth saving on it. However, it will be difficult for layman to choose the frame for the specificity of driving, so you should obtain any brand frame for your trekking bike, it will allow you to enjoy many kilometers of safe and comfortable driving.

There are steel and aluminum frames within the mortal’s portfolio. Both materials are worth recommending and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Currently, aluminum frames are the most common and certainly not a bad choice for a novice cyclist. They are much lighter than their steel counterparts and although in themselves they are slightly less comfortable, the ride will be enhanced by the cushioned fork and comfortable saddle.

As in the case of a mountain bike, the bicycle gear is playing a significant role in the quality of the trekking bike. In trekking models, there is no mention of extreme strains on which racing machines are exposed, or the dangers associated with mountain downhill, but the precision of gear changes and the effectiveness of the brakes are always in the price.

Until recently, trekking bike vs mountain bike used the same groups of accessories. Along with the increase in popularity of trekkings, accessory groups dedicated to this group of bicycles appeared. The characteristic of riding a trekking bike, however, allows to exclude from the circle of interests several typical mountain or sports groups. It is very important to choose recommended mountain bike shops.

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