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Party games

Party games
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At some point in home parties, when all the possible topics have been chattered, an idea appears to play a game with your friends. Then we wonder what game to play. The following are games to play at a party that sometimes do not even require any accessories, boards or cards. All you need is a sheet of paper, a pen and a sense of humor!

Guess who you are

Fun demanding cuteness and quick association of facts. Number of participants optional. It’s best to sit in a circle. Each of the players gets a sticky note, on which he writes the name and surname of a known person. It does not matter if it is an actor, a character from a favorite fairy tale or an athlete. We stick your sticky note on the forehead of the person next to it, so that it does not notice the inscription. It is really good cheap birthday party ideas.


Tabu is a great game, both for a party and for a family afternoon. Do you know how hard it is to say something when you run out of words, and you have to hurry ?! Tabu’s game will allow you to find out about it.

The rules of the game are simple. Participants are divided into teams. The selected player draws a card with a password and tries to direct the remaining players from the team to guess. At this time, the opposing team makes sure that the player describing the password follows several rules: do not use any part of the password that should be guessed. You can not use the plurals or shortcuts for the password on the card. You can not gesticulate, but you can sing. The main thing is that you cannot use the forbidden words that are on the card under the password. This is most commonly used party games ideas.


A game for encouragement. One mat, and on it four rows of colored boxes six boxes of one color and 24 circles in total. Athletes are not limited by age (as long as they understand orders). It’s best to have two or four players, but you can still bother somebody. Oh, and there is also an arrow that marks the next moves. This is the main commander. The arrow indicates the color of the field and the part of the body that should be on it, the hand or perhaps the leg. It is definitely very good party activities for kids.


Of course, you could not miss the most fun group games, which was to guess the slogans presented by the opposing team. The passwords can both be shown and drawn. The only restriction is the ban on making sounds. An additional attraction may be the introduction of the slogans category, e.g. films, animals, etc.

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