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Running suit. What to look for?

Running suit. What to look for?
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Running has many benefits. When we start our adventure with this sport, usually at the very beginning we wonder what shoes to choose to run the best. The right footwear is not everything. It is also worth completing running clothes. What to focus on and what running equipment to choose?

Comfort and functionality

Choosing the right running clothes is not the easiest task. Here, attention should be paid to aspects such as comfort and durability, and for many it is also the external appearance that counts. The outfit intended for running should, however, be primarily functional and in the right size. It must also be selected for the atmospheric conditions prevailing outside the window. For the winter, we choose warm-running clothes, wear a so-called onion, in the summer we put on lighter, more airy clothes.

Things for up, things for bottom

When thinking what to wear running, your set of running clothes should start with the upper body, which sweats intensely. To feel fresh and comfortable in all conditions, we need a functional shirt. We can choose models with long and short sleeves. It is important that it is made of breathable and moisture-wicking materials. On cooler days a blouse is certainly useful. You can choose cheap running clothes or one without slider, with a hood or stand-up collar.

A warm, windproof and waterproof jacket will also be indispensable for winter journeys as a cold weather running gear. You can invest in a reflective model, which will make us much more visible during the run. It is worth having in your wardrobe suitable seamless running underwear.

Any additives?

Equally important as a sweatshirt, jacket or pants are accessories. We can try to buy special socks, gloves, hats or a functional band. Thanks to the gloves our hands do not get cold, and some models also have a very practical pocket for keys or reflective inserts that increase safety. Sports socks will help us avoid abrasions and should not oppress us. It’s good when they contain spandex, thanks to which they are resistant to deformation. Let’s also remember to protect your head.


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