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Skiing. How to start and to select the equipment?

Skiing. How to start and to select the equipment?
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When selecting skis, we should be guided by our skills, height and weight. We should also ask ourselves some questions. Answering these questions will help us find the ideal ski and avoid undesirable trouble on the slopes.

Choosing the right ski equipment is very important

It is worth considering how many days a year we spend skiing and what routes we choose: difficult, moderate or easy. For how many years we have been practicing this sport and what style of driving we prefer. When buying, we should not always suggest a price, try to choose the best skis in relation to our skills. For several years, there has been a trend of shortening the length of skis chosen, but let us not go to extremes, because too short skis cause an unfavorable change in the center of gravity, are unstable and at high speeds often fall out of corners.

Ski wear sale the best occassion

The best solution are skis reaching the level of our chin or forehead, ie skis with a shorter turning radius. We choose for beginners at the beard level. Skis for people riding more aggressively, length in the area of ​​the skier’s height. After buying the boards, remember about the correct setting of the strength of detaching the bindings, preferably when a professional service does it.

In sports stores, we can also find skis designed only for ladies. Their trademark is a special design, it is also a fashion element and an attempt to match skis to the outfit and character. Women’s skis are also a different production technology, above all they are lighter than those for men by about 15 – 20%, they also have a shifted center of gravity more forward and a slightly raised back of the binding to facilitate knee bending and more reliable grip and control over skis.

Ski lessons for children

For children, the choice of skis is simpler. Most manufacturers offer skis on a composite core, more flexible, lighter and designed for toddlers with intermediate driving techniques. For children with a lot of experience who like rivalry and speed, we recommend skis with a wooden core, more rigid, faster and more difficult. It is important also what to wear skiing.

How to ski with children? The best ski rental

The selection of children’s skis is similar to that of adults, which is about 15 cm below the height, except for children aged 3-5, for whom we choose skis on the level of the alveolar process. Remember that the purchase of skis for our little ones must take place every season, up to two. The selection of skis that are too long will result in difficulties in mastering the basic driving technique and may discourage the child to practice this great sport. The choice of ski boots is much more complicated and requires patience from us and often the help of an expert. The most important in ski boots is the hardness of the shell. The hardness of the shoe determines our destiny and, in a sense, comfort and convenience.

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