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The best teambuilding games

The best teambuilding games
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Anyone needs to be convinced what is team building and that team building activities have an invaluable influence on building a well-coordinated and well-functioning team. However, not everyone knows that this type of relationship is not built at the desk or around the campfire. It is also not about investing a lot of expensive entertainment in the style of parachute jump for all employees or buying tickets for a superstar concert. Pampering will of course bind the employee to the company, but rather will not improve communication in the team. So how to organize a team building event that will not only be great entertainment for employees, but will also benefit the company?

Determining the goal of the team building games

First of all, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve. The event will look different if we focus on building trust between employees, and the one that serves to improve communication. Or maybe you care about getting acquainted with each other employees who work with each other on a daily basis, but who work in various departments of the company? The organization of a teambuilding event without setting priorities is pointless, which is why it is worth first to clearly determine why this fun should be used.

Team development, or learning through play

Man learns his whole life, and learning methods do not change at all. We perfectly remember the two basic principles of methodology that every teacher knew about, but unfortunately they were not always used in our schools. The first one is: we absorb the knowledge acquired through practical exercises the best and the second talks about the effectiveness of combining pleasure with usefulness, or learning through play. It is this pedagogical treatment of team building that should guide every company involved in professional team integration.

Team bonding activities in practice

We already have a specific goal and methods, now it’s time to carry them out. Below are three different games that are designed to develop various skills in the participants:

Team Balance, or better communication

The task of the group is to pass the maze in conditions when some participants have blindfolded eyes, and the other part directs them to the goal, telling them how to move the board to make the ball hit the target.

Spider Webs, or building trust

Every participant of the fun must get through the cobweb holes without touching the net. In this task, employees must help each other by moving each other. For this, full confidence of the participants is necessary.

Amazon, or creative thinking

The participants’ task is to get the treasure chest from the “rushing river”. To this end, the group must use all available tools. If any of the participants or pieces of equipment fall into this symbolic river, they must repeat the task from the beginning.

Group activities for adults do not end with fun. After all, you should sit down and talk about what happened. Employees should analyze behavior, look for an analogy to work performed on a daily basis and then draw conclusions for the future.

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