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Top 10 games and activities in the city

Top 10 games and activities in the city
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You can spend time in a city in many ways. Some people choose crowded places, such as clubs or shopping malls, others are looking for a moment of rest in a local park. What are interesting things to do nearby?


The most accessible, the cheapest and the most pleasant form of spending free time. You do not need to have specialist equipment or great condition. You can walk with a dog, with a friend, with headphones on. All you have to do is put on comfortable shoes and leave the house. It’s one of the most famous park city activities.


Improves and condition, and well-being. If you do not like to drive without a destination, you can combine it, for example with visiting your area or meeting friends.


Ballroom dancing, salsa, belly dancing, everyone will find something for themselves. One hour of training improves well-being, fitness and is not as tiring as gym classes.


The most popular, all the time gaining new sports fans. Everyone is running. Celebrities and ordinary people spend a lot of time running. Comfortable running shoes and setting reasonable goals are enough. You can even try some guide games.

Gyms in the open air

Growing in cities like mushrooms after rain, outdoor gyms are a great option for free moments. In addition to beneficial health effects, there may be other surprising benefits – for example, integration with neighbors.

Swimming pool

Intensive burning of calories without overloading the joints. That’s it when it comes to benefits for our health and fitness. And besides – who does not like a little help in the water, and then bask in the sauna?


Sport that stormed fans. Intense and dynamic, great for fans of competition, but not only. It improves the condition, coordination and sense of balance. Another great stuff to do in the city.

Nordic walking

Well-tuned form of walking. Two inconspicuous looking poles will make the walk more effective. Such a form of walking will help to sculpt and slim the silhouette, without overloading the joints.

Fitness lessons

They require regularity, but they bring great results. Various types of training are run at gyms and fitness clubs, such as cross fit, zumba, pilates or many more. Everyone can find something that suits him in terms of intensity and sophistication, and the presence of an instructor will help minimize the risk of injury or injuries. Another thing what can you do in the city.

Skipping rope and hula hoop

So well as a scooter, rollers or other forms of activity that will allow us to feel like a child again. They will improve mood, mood and condition – skipping rope or rollers are a great form of cardio training, and hula hoop will help to slim the waist.

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