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What gives active rest?

What gives active rest?
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Rest day means simply a day of rest. It is a break from exhausting, everyday workout routine that strain the body. The appropriate training plan must also include relaxation, therefore the rest day concept should be known to every athlete. What should a rest day look like and how often should we allow it? Is running rest day a good idea?


Rest day should be the day when we rest both physically and mentally. During frequent and intense gym routines throughout the week there are micro-injuries of muscle tissue, depletion of energy reserves, increase of oxygen debt, weakness of immunity and finally fatigue of the nervous system. Strength and endurance training with increased intensity are stress factors for our body. If we add work and daily responsibilities to it, we may turn out to be a stress hormone volcano.

The benefits of active rest

People who train every day after some time are convinced that exercises without time to rest not only delay the improvement of results, but also have other unpleasant consequences. This is the fastest way to overtrain your body. The more time we train without rest, the harder it is to exercise, and the body begins to refuse to obey. It loses efficiency, it is easier to get injured, it gets tired faster, and troublesome ailments appear, such as cramps and muscle aches that make training difficult.

The psychological state of the training person also deteriorates. Weakly motivated, depression may appear, feeling unwell at the joy of practicing sports. Although some people blame everything around them for the lack of form, the truth is that the above symptoms of overtraining are clear signals sent by a tired organism. A sign that he needs rest and time to regenerate. This is the last moment to understand that taking into account rest in training allows you to achieve better results in sport than everyday, many hours of exercise.

How to actively spend rest day?

Rest day does not have to be completely devoid of sports activity, but it should be completely different than a normal training day. If the body can not tolerate anything, you can try for short and undemanding cardio on rest days. The rest of the day should be spent on laziness and relaxation. To make the joy of rest from the workout bigger, it’s worth to fill this day with pleasures. Instead of having to spend the whole day in bed, you can catch up with the film and books, meet friends, go with your family to the bosom of nature, cook something good, take care of your non-sports passion.

Such activities increase the level of endorphins in the body, which has a huge impact on the attitude to the next days of training. When the head rests, the body also rests. It is worth remembering. If you are tired of renewing injuries or arduous muscle pains, exercise rest days is worth sacrificing not only the soul but also the body. Relaxing treatments such as, for example, massages or a stay in a jacuzzi will certainly improve your form and well-being. And they will increase the appetite for more workouts.

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