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What is the city game?

What is the city game?
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Reaching out after the City game, we immediately know what awaits us. The title announces it unambiguously, just like the illustration of the construction site on the box. This is a good game for parties where many people can play at the same time.

First about the contents of the box

Game icludes 110 cards and instruction in the packaging typical for the Amigo card games. The performance of the game does not deviate from the standard that we were accustomed to by previous Amigo cardinals. The cards are solid, perfectly printed, and most importantly, transparent and functional. Particularly successful part of this game is its instruction, well-designed, legible, clearly explaining the rules of the game.

What is the City game about?

Players start the game with a few starter cards in their hand, and then at the same time play the three stages of the round one by one and repeat these rounds until one of them accumulates 50 or more victory points, thus winning the whole game. At the beginning of each round, the player chooses the card of the building he wants to build from his hand. Instead, he can either pick five buildings cards from the covered pile and keep one of them or take the ‘Architect’ card.

After playing this first phase, each player who decided to choose a card, discovers it, puts it in front of him and pays the construction cost indicated on it, discarding the right number of cards from his hand.

The round ends the revenue phase and victory points. Here again, the cards take on the function of money. Players count revenue from the ‘architect’ and buildings already lined up in their own cities, and then draw the appropriate number of cards from the pile. You can have up to 12 on your hand. This is something new for town games.

In addition to cards that only work within our own city, you can also encounter in the deck those that refer to buildings built by opponents. In this way, this small, rather light and casual game has at least a slight taste of interaction, because although we mainly focus on your playing area, we still have to look around from time to time to build up others and try to react accordingly.

“The City” is intended for 2 to 5 players and works well in each of these variants. Of course, with more players, there is a greater likelihood that cards will appear in the cities of individual players, which may affect the cost of buildings, revenues and points of their opponents.

The education City games time given on the box is 20 minutes and even in full cast you can fit in. With 2 people, the game time often decreases by half. The ideal situation with this game is that each player calculates revenue and points himself, and everyone has absolute confidence.

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