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Which foreign languages ​​are most useful at work?

Which foreign languages ​​are most useful at work?
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Knowledge of a foreign language is a very important aspect for employers. English is already a standard, most companies require communicative or very good knowledge. We should put it first in the study of this language. Unfortunately, it often happens that candidates declare a communicative knowledge of English in a CV, and already during a telephone conversation, the recruiter finds that it is definitely an exaggeration. So it’s not worth coloring up your CV, and really take care of English.

The most useful languages to know

The ability to speak a foreign language is a significant item in our CV. There are many exams by which we receive a diploma certifying our language skills. Many professions require knowledge of at least a foreign language at a level that allows you to freely deal with business matters with foreign clients. Nowadays, working with international contractors is nothing extraordinary.

Many people learn a foreign language primarily for pleasure. When traveling abroad, we want to communicate with local people. Thanks to this, we can get to know better the culture of a given country and its inhabitants. In order to learn a foreign language at a communicative level, you do not need several years of study. In fact, one semester of a speech-based course is enough to calmly deal with everyday situations during holidays. Many of us still associate the compulsion of a foreign language. Programs in public schools do not help us overcome the fear of speaking in a foreign language, because too much attention is paid to learning grammar or writing texts, and we do not practice a living language. Fortunately, the situation is slowly changing.

The most useful languages to learn

According to statistics, 38% of people know only one foreign language, 15% know two foreign languages, and 3% know more than two foreign languages. And we do not have to know these languages ​​perfectly to get a financially attractive job offer. We can reach B2 level even after 2 years of intensive learning. If the student is appropriately motivated, he or she can reach the B2 level within 3 or 4 semesters. And this level allows for the free use of a foreign language. The Spanish language in recent years has become very popular also because it is very easy to learn. Interestingly, back in 2000 year, Russian was the most well-known foreign language. At this moment, the most frequently chosen languages ​​are, of course, English, followed by German, Russian, and languages ​​such as French, Spanish or Italian, learning less than 1% of people.

The most useful languages to learn for business – which foreign language at work?

Learning Chinese is also becoming more and more popular. This happens, among others, because the economy of this country is one of the most dynamically developing. Already, Chinese (and not English) is the most widely used language in the world. Next to Chinese, another promising language is Hindi. And in this case it is also caused by the strong economy of India. The advantage of Hindi knowledge can already be the fact that it is not currently very popular. It is always worth to be one step ahead of the competition on the job market. The fluency in this language can be very useful in the near future. It is worth thinking about it now, especially if we see a chance for development in foreign corporations.

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