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Which smartfon to choose? Tips to help to buy

Which smartfon to choose? Tips to help to buy
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Smartphones are devices that almost all of us currently use and regularly replace with a more modern model. However, not everyone needs to be aware of what to look for when buying. Thanks to practical tips, you will choose the best budget smartphone which suits your needs.

What screen on your smartphone?

Currently, there is a fashion on the market, in which manufacturers put on displays with large diagonals. The vast majority of mobile phone are equipped with displays with diagonals from 5 inches to even 7 inches. A 6-inch smartphone is now a kind of standard. A visible trend in this context is the so-called notch, ie indentation in the upper part of the display, in which there is a selfie camera and various types of sensors. For lots of people it is actually the main factor of the question “what phone should i get?”.

Operating systems in smartphones

Until recently, there were three main mobile operating systems of Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone on the market. A smartphone with Windows is, however, only a curiosity, manufacturers do not prepare new models with this platform, it is no longer developed.

The leader of the mobile market remains Google Android, which is used by most manufacturers. It is always worth reaching for devices working under the newer version – currently it is Android 8 Oreo and debuting on the market Android 9 Pie. Apple iOS is installed exclusively on Apple smartphones.

The Google Android system gives the user a wide range of personalization, and due to its popularity, it also offers a lot of applications and games. The Apple iOS showcase is perfect optimization, in its case you can also count on the fastest updates and higher security. These two systems still seem to be the future of smartphones.

How much RAM on your smartphone?

RAM memory is one of the most important points of the smartphone’s specification and should not be pushed into the background when we want a fast and efficient smartphone. The more the operating memory, the more smooth the system, the better multitasking and more comfortable playing and maybe this is the best phone to buy for you?

Camera on your smartphone

Which smartphone with the best camera? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. The producers most often boast about the resolution of the applied matrix and according to the popular opinion, the higher the better the pictures. Unfortunately, this is not true. In addition to the resolution itself, a number of other elements affect the quality of the images. The most important of them are the size of the matrix and the brightness of the lens.

Battery on your smartphone

A smartphone with a durable battery is the object of desire for many users. Many factors affect the duration of work on a single charge. This includes the size of the screen and its type, the processor used, the version of the system and the number of applications installed in the phone, as well as functions and services running on the device. The standard battery capacity is a minimum of 3000 mAh. To compare smartphones, a good battery should provide at least two days of typical use, it can easily be provided by batteries with a capacity of about 4000 mAh and more.

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