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Why is it worth playing board games?

Why is it worth playing board games?
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Many of us play board games. Did you wonder why we do it? Why did we ever land in our board game? Why do we sit down to new titles again and return to very hard-hitting classic board games? After all, everyone claims that board games are fun for children.


You spread the board, tokens, markers, cards, sometimes figurines and player boards. You make room for guests. Most table games are designed for at least two people, and usually they are 3-4 people or more. A group of friends comes in, leaves the computers, resets after work, sits down to one table. In addition to the pleasure of playing, there is the pleasure of a social meeting. Talks are being made, someone sometimes throws a joke. The main thing you meet live, not on a messenger.


Best board games teach. Both those intended for younger audiences, as well as those for older ones. We can calmly learn about many aspects needed for everyday functioning. Mixing some of the things that a child learns and can be taught by an adult like counting, logic, planning, social behavior, analysis, empathy, etc. The main board games for the kids, they said? They do not know each other. Board games support schooling in natural development and do not let you forget this knowledge when we are adults.

Competition or cooperation?

And that’s it. Depending on whether it will be a game focused on competition or cooperation – we learn other things.

And so, if it is a competitive title, then we learn to read other people. What they plan what they can or must do. We learn to analyze their movements and what we can do to win, because that’s what we usually play for. Most often only one person wins. We learn to lose, because more often we will be in this situation. In cooperation, we learn to cooperate, get along and democratically make decisions. That’s why you should not consider only games to play when bored.


If the game has a climate, it has a huge impact on the imagination. We try to empathize with a given situation, we try to get in, that we are part of a given world. Of course, this is not as noticeable as in books or role-playing games. Elements such as well-made graphics on cards, boards, descriptions on them, and even plot texts, or ordinary plastic figures stimulate the imagination. And all of a sudden, we all feel like kids who enter the portal carrying jewels of a different dimension. We also get into the group in our group, including the appropriate music list in the climate of the game. I would recommend to find some places where to buy board games.

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